Tips for Dining out on a Ketogenic Diet

Tips for Dining out on a Ketogenic Diet

Dining out while maintaining a ketogenic diet can be incredibly challenging! I know I faced a lot of confusion in the beginning, and probably really sabotaged my goals by overeating foods with hidden sources of sugar and carbohydrates. I thought this topic was certainly blog-worthy since we can’t all be prepared with homemade keto recipes ALL the time.

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Maintain your ketogenic diet by looking for the following menu items:

  • Gluten-free menu items
  • Sugar-free menu items
  • Simple dishes with minimal ingredients
  • Grilled or broiled meat and fish
  • Items with hollandaise sauce, bernaise sauce, or other butter sauces

What to beware of:

  • Salad dressings with added sugar
  • Balsamic vinegar or glazes (sugar trap!)
  • Sauces with added thickening agents, such as flour
  • Salad ingredients that add carbs and sugar – such as candied pecans, beans and corn
  • Entrees with large portions of rice or potatoes that will tempt you
  • Cocktails with loads of added sugar – beware of the margarita or sangria
  • meatballs with added high-carb bread crumbs
  • Oversized portions of protein – remember to add as much fat as possible
  • Condiments that add carbohydrates
  • High-sugar salsas and garnishes

What to ask the server:

  • Can I substitute extra veggies for starches?
  • Does the sauce/dressing have added sugar?
  • Is there any added flour?
  • What are the gluten-free menu items?
  • Can I add extra cheese, bacon, butter sauce, or avocado on the side?

These are just a few of the tips that I’ve learned from dining out on this lifestyle. Some of my go-to items are a juicy steak with butter and steamed vegetables, a wedge salad or mozzarella and tomato salad, cobb or chef salads, roasted or grilled chicken, fajitas without tortillas or rice and beans, grilled fish with veggies and butter sauces, omelettes with crispy bacon, shellfish appetizers with butter sauce, hot wings (watch the sauces for added sugar!). If you ever have doubts ask the server for a recipe or list of ingredients and take a few minutes to research ingredients on your smartphone. You can even ask Google how many carbs are in a vegetable! MyFitnessPal can give you pretty accurate estimates also.

Good luck dining out, it gets easier as your knowledge of food and the ketogenic diet grows. Share your tips and favorite keto-friendly menu items in the comments below! Bon apetit!

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